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Warley 2018 Rapido images

Albion Yard

Firstly apologies for lack of narrative with this post, getting a few minutes around the show to grab images is challenging at times! Still here’s the Canuck stuff, and it looks to Rapido’s high standard

The Tempo, I have no need whatsoever for one of these, but in the flesh, difficult not to flash the cash for one!

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Railway, Railway days

Lights, Camera, Action..

Albion Yard

This week I’ve been scratching my head quite a bit. Shelfie2 is reaching the final assembly stage. I’ve decided to go ‘hands free’ operation and have spent a good bit of time getting Dingham couplings to work, which I’ll write about in the next couple of weeks.

Having got the coupling issue resolved that gives me further opportunities in the scenic display. If we don’t need the hand of god getting in the way, or me or the team blundering around in front of the train set, then I can potentially do more scenic stuff front of house. So I’m now getting the lighting rig together with a bit of a yippee moment earlier today. The display is view and operate from the front, and like Shelfie1 a wraparound backscene. I’ve changed to LED strip lighting of 4000k and you can see the first trials here.

One thing I need…

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Hattons 14xx Finale

Albion Yard

Well here it is, the end game has been played for this one I think. It’s been a frustrating journey for such a pretty model. Starting with my initial thoughts here https://albionyard.wordpress.com/2017/03/01/hattons-djm-14xx-review-h1410/, and the subsequent trials and tribulations with the chassis https://albionyard.wordpress.com/2017/03/20/14xx-frustration/.

The locomotive sat on the shelf of doom for the best part of a year, and a re-organisation of the man cave identified a few fast fixes, this being one of them. After the chassis mods, it’s still running on a reduced drive with replacement coupling rods, I decided to bite the bullet and complete it. There were two standout visual compromises for me, the cab glazing and the lack of ash pan with also a lack of brake pull rods.

There’s no question the cab is nicely detailed, but it has an internal front wall giving a double glazing appearance. As part of the breakdown I did…

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