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Cheque book ?

Is purchasing a 3D body, cheque book modelling? That is the question. Gavin Rose very kindly reduced his 4mm LBSCR E2 to 3mm to produce this fine body. Add a pair of 3SMR chassis sides and coupling rods, 14.2 chassis spaces, Andy Shillito motor, Branchline gears, Society wheels and no I would not say it is. The body is a means to an end.

Need to level the body but pretty pleased with the result.

3mm Society, Railway

Epitaph. – Martins Road is no more

Sad news – I have had to take up the foamboard base of Martins Road as it has lifted so the track is bouncing up and down all over the place.

My own silly fault as I had not glued it down properly and thus the problem – so all my work down the pan.

There were also elements which would not have worked, too sharp radius curves out of the fiddle and also too straight.

Nevermind back to the drawing board – got till next October.

3mm Society, Railway

Martins Road progress


Just a quick update – little progress to report. I have stuck the platform edges down on the main station board and used the Triang Type 2 (re-gauged to 14.2) to make sure I got the correct distance between the platform and track. Still need to stick the bay track down which will have a small goods shed on it in low relief, I have found a good drawing of Westerham shed so may use that.

3mm Society, Railway

Martins Road – slow progress

Today did the first run with a loco or 2 on Martins Road. Connected the controller – nothing out came the meter – silly fellow hadn’t connected one of the wires! That done – the tram ran up and down (I know it’s LNER, southern stock not built yet) onto the sector table switch to the loop, nothing. Again I got the meter out and found I had not wired the feed in so had to jerry rig something quickly. Once I did that the loop worked off the table. Well that’s half the layout test, now to finish off the other half – still cannot decide whether to fit point motors (I have 2 Seeps acquired 2nd hand) or do wire in tube?


After the test, I marked out the platform edge using my 14.2 converted Triang A1A as a guide too big for the layout but the bogies are a good judge for the gap needed. I also laid a tempoary piece of track to see if I can fit the goods shed road in.


Progress very slow but at least I can run a loco up and down!

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Martins Road – trackwork

Been able to devote a large chunk of today finishing the trackwork for Martins Road. Very much making it up as I go along as far as the track is concerned.

I made the decision to take one point up in the “goods yard” so it becomes a long siding. With the point it did not look right so up it came.

I am debating however to put a track in behind the platform to add additional operating interest but will have to give that some thought.

Picture below


3mm Society, 7mm, Railway

One step forward two steps back

Wednesday is usually my day off work so took the opportunity to do some more (or so I thought) to Martins Road.

On taking the boards apart, I found that the platform road track had misaligned so had to take it up and relay it which took most of the morning as I had to cut new rail and thread sleepers.

However I managed to do it and so back to where I was a couple of weeks ago!

Nevemind, the postman brought some cheer in the form of the Colonel Stephens society mag – always a good read, even more so when I saw that Tower Models are taking orders for the Dapol O gauge Terrier expected at the end of September for £169 post free.

Definitely decided to collect some O gauge for a rainy day.