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Brighton Trip Part 2

You may recall in Part 1 the good Mrs Driscoll and I had arrived at Brighton station with Mayflower blowing off furiously in platform 3.

The Steam Dreams staff shepherded us to the buses waiting to take us to the hotel. Boarding the bus it made a change to see people dressed in their finery.

On arrival at the Hilton we were taken to the room up the elegant stairway which graces the lobby and through a maze of corridors. Now dear reader you may of thought like I did that we would be seated in rows of chairs, but no being a function room we were seated at round tables all very elegant.

Brief Encounter has been digitally remastered for its 70th birthday and was shown with subtitles. As the film started I thought they have got it a**e about face and had forgotten that the tale is a narration from the armchair. Still a good film although you do get a sense of very staged dialogue – good story though about 2 strangers thrown together because of circumstances.

All too soon the film ended and we were all hurried back onto the buses to return to Brighton to board our train. As I hoped the set had not been turned round so this time we were 2 coaches from Mayflower. This time we changed seats as my wife does not like going backwards. Thus we set off and out with the alcohol – whiskey and coke for her and straight Whiskey for me out of the flask she had got me for Valentines. The Whiskey we had was Gold Cap bottled by Palmers in Dorset but distilled in Scotland and very nice it was too.

Travelling through the night , Mayflower made good time and smoke and sparks trailed off into the night. Rather than go through Redhill, we were sent via the Quarry line so a good turn of speed ensured until Purley when we were put back on the slow lines which we stayed on all the way to Victoria where we arrived in Platform 7 on time.

All in all a most enjoyable trip and we got home to Croydon about quarter one Sunday morning . Here are some pics of Mayflower at Victoria.

IMG_0093 IMG_0094

IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0096