Wimblehurst Road

The Concept

The layout was started around 10 years ago by the then owner, Wim Harthoorn. I purchased the layout from Wim in 2016.

The layout is intended to represent the last few miles of a light railway built from the fictional Sussex town of Chesworth (aka Horsham) to a junction on the main London to Brighton line at Gatwick Racecourse. The light railway initially built its terminus on the edge of Chesworth in a district called the Bishopric, which was convenient for local industry, but the presence of the cattle market and smelly industries such as tanneries and brewing meant there was pressure from the “quality” to extend the line 3/4 mile or so to a terminus in a more salubrious location. This was done just as the railway was experimenting with a steam railcar so to save money no run round was provided.

The third station is named after the hamlet of Wimblehurst but serves a district rather than just the nearest settlement. Additionally there is a private siding to the brewery near the Bishopric

The model

Due to space restrictions only Wimblehurst Road is modelled. The trackplan is a mirror image of Bodium on the Kent & East Sussex Rly with the additional siding  added opposite the station.


Suitable locos are the smallest tank engines such as the Brighton Terrier or one of the small industrial types available as a Judith Edge kit. Worsley Works do an etch of the Stephens Ford railbus which can be motorised.

Any goods wagons from the Grouping period can be used, many are available to 3mm Society members as ex Parkside, ex Cambrian or Slaters kits

As regards coaching stock, 3mm Society sell ex-Finney and Smith  etched kits of NER four wheelers which may be suitable, otherwise coaches may need to be sourced from 3mm Society Second Hand. In the past there have been kits for LCDR six wheelers (Chatham kits) and, if prototypical correct bogie coaches are desired, SECR “birdcage” coach etches have been produced by the 3mm Society. Worsley Works may well have correct ex- LSWR types.